All In Two LED Solar Street Light

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All In Two Solar Street Light,

Remote control and time control,The lamp body is high strength alurninum alloy die casting,Toughened glass lens, strong impact resistance, good light transmission,High efficiency solar panel fast charging long life,Air convection design, fast heat dissipationAdopt high performance, froe maintenance battery, can be worked in 5 continuoun days.

Automatic IdentificationStreet timing periods 1 to 15 hours adjustable. Full waterproof design, the controller is adapted to damp, dust and otherharsh environmentsThe controller has over temperature, over charge, over discharge, overload, short circult protection function.

Power: 50W 100W 150W 200W

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Rated power

Mono Solar panel

Lithium battery Working time
10w 6V/10w 3.2V/10Ah 10-12hours
20w 6V/20W 3.2V/20Ah 10-12hours
30w 6V/30w 3.2V/30Ah 10-12hours
40w 6V/40W 3.2V/40Ah 10-12hours
50w 6V/50W 3.2V/50Ah
60W 6V/60W 10-12hours
70W 6V/70w 3.2V/70Ah 10-12hours
80w 6V/80W 3.2V/80Ah 10-12hours

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