New Outdoor Waterproof 60W 80W 120W Integrated All In One Led Solar Street Light

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Product Features:

1. The Only one solar street light in the market with explosion-proof glass body,Design concept from Iphone.

2. FAS technology: Quickly help users identify which component of the solar panel, battery, LED light board, or PCBA board has problem.

3. Quickly change the lamp panel in 5 seconds by hands,Quickly meet the different needs of LED color temperatures.

4. New material +New technology: explosion-proof tempered glass material, double-layer process treatment of iron sleeve: electrophoresis + powder spraying.

5. Very professional Type III light distribution: higher spacing height ratio of luminaire.

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Product Detail Parameters 

Model No. FSD-Y-YJ-001 FSD-YYJ-002 FSD-Y-YJ-003
Rated Power 60w 8ow 120W
System Voltage DC12V                       DC24V                         DC24V
lL ithium Battery 12.8V/80AH1024WH 25.6V/6OAH1536WH 25.6V/8OAH 2048WH
solar Panel Monocrystallince:120W/12v Monocrystallince:240W/36v Monocrystallince;240W/36v
Light Source 3030/5050
Light Distribution Bat-Wing light distribution(150"x75-)
Light Effciency ≥130LMw
Color Temperature 3000K140O0K/570OK/650OK
CRI zRa70
IP.Rate: IP65
IKRate lKO8
Working Temperature -10C-6oc
Lamp Weght 24.9kg 40.3kg 43.4kg
LED Lifespan >500O0H
Controller 12V/24V 15A
Mount Diameter p89mm 102mm
Lamp Dimension 1030*680x90mm 1980*680x90mm
Package Dimension 1107×730×217mm 2057*730×217mm
Mount Height
Movement Sensor
6m8m 8m/12m

Product Detail Drawing


Essential details

Battery pack fixing bracket

Tighten the battery pack to prevent shaking

Battery pack

Built-in lithium iron phosphate battery Heat dissipation profile

 Excellent thermal conductivity, large heat exchange area, Helps speed up heat

exchange and take away more heat, To

achieve the ideal heat dissipation effect.

 Lithium iron phosphate battery

 high efficiency, light and convenient, long life span Inhibit the polarization of the battery, reduce the thermal effect and improve magnification performance.

 Light pole

Lifespan: More than 20 years Equipped With Arm, Bracket, Flange, Fittings, Cable Resistant to Wind: >150KM/H

Mounting Holder

Accessory connecting to light pole

Battery pack installation area

Fixed together with the panel and sleeve

Solar panel

High efficiency monocrystalline silicon

Visual control system

 It has functions of intelligent control of lighting time, overcharge, over discharge, electronic short circuit, overload

 protection, ant-reverse connection

protection, etc.Can adapt to cold, high temperature, humidity and other environments.

Product Application

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