LED SOLAR Garden Light

  • LED solar camping light system

    LED solar camping light system

    The solar camping light system consists of solar cell modules, LED light sources, solar controllers, batteries and other parts. The battery modules are generally polysilicon; The LED lamp head generally selects the super bright LED light bead; The controller is generally placed in the bottom lamp holder, with optical control anti reverse connection protection; Generally, environment-friendly maintenance free lead-acid batteries will be used. Camping lamp shell is generally made of environment-friendly ABS plastic and PC plastic transparent cover. Working principle The working principle of the editing and broadcasting solar camping light system is simple. In the daytime, when the solar panel senses the sun, it automatically turns off the light and enters the charging state. When the solar panel cannot sense the sun at night, it automatically enters the battery discharge state and turns on the light.

  • 40W 60W 80W All in One Solar Street Light Garden Lighting Outdoor Smart LED Street Light

    40W 60W 80W All in One Solar Street Light Garden Lighting Outdoor Smart LED Street Light

    The integrated solar street lamp is converted into electric energy by the solar panel, and then recharges the lithium battery in the integrated solar street lamp. In the daytime, even on cloudy days, this solar generator (solar panel) collects and stores the required energy, and automatically supplies power to the LED lamps of the integrated solar street lamp at night to achieve night lighting. At the same time, the integrated solar street lamp has PIR human body sensing function, which can realize the infrared sensing control lamp working mode of the intelligent human body at night. It lights up when there is someone, and automatically changes to 1/3 brightness after a certain time delay when there is no one, Intelligence saves more energy. At the same time, solar energy as a “inexhaustible, inexhaustible” safe and environmentally friendly new energy has played an important role in the integrated solar street lamp.

  • Multi purpose LED solar wall lamp candle lamp

    Multi purpose LED solar wall lamp candle lamp

    Solar human inductive wall lamp

    The solar panel has high conversion rate, long service life, good efficiency and waterproof;
    The lamp beads are made of advanced LED lamp beads with long service life, low loss and high brightness;
    Besides, it also has infrared human body sensing, which can be sensitive even if it is far away.
    Workflow of solar body sensor lamp:
    1. The ideal state of charging is 8-10 hours when there is sunlight during the day
    2. At night, the lamps automatically start the micro bright mode
    3. When someone passes by, the infrared sensing device will be triggered, and the light will automatically turn on the strong light mode, which generally lasts for 30 seconds
    4. When people leave the sensing range, the light automatically turns to the slightly bright mode
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  • New cable free solar garden lights

    New cable free solar garden lights


    Solar panel: 2V 60MAh monocrystalline silicon panel Battery: 1.2V/300MAh AAA Ni-MH Light source: F5 lamp bead Material: ABS+PS
    Color temperature: white light Waterproofclass: IP65 Color: Black
    Switch: Toggle light on
    Function: Intelligent light control Charging time: 6-8 hours Working hours:8-10 hours
    Box size: 200*60*70mm
    Outer box size:415*320*310mm

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  • Factory wholesale energy saving and environmental protection LED solar wall lamps

    Factory wholesale energy saving and environmental protection LED solar wall lamps

    Focus on every detail
    Four Major Upgrade Details
    From research and development to design
    to product production
    Monocrystalline silicon PETlaminatePhotoelectric conversion up to 20%
    Upgrade the highlighted LED beadWide exposure area
    304 stainless steel
    Waterproof and corrosion resistant, durable
    Upgrade the hidden switch
    It’s waterproofand beautiful