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LED Stadium Lights

We carry both stadium flood lights and spot lights that are great for indoor and outdoor sports arenas and stadiums. LEDs offer a number of advantages over traditional metal halide and HID fixtures. Our LEDs are sure to save you money on energy and maintenance costs as they consume less power and last 4-5 times longer than traditional lights. LEDs also run much cooler than HID and metal halide bulbs, reducing the strain on air conditioning systems.

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AC100V-277V 50/60HZ

LED Type

Lumileds 3030 5050

LED Quantity


Luminous Flux

40000LM-252000LM ±5%



Beam Ang

30 °/60 °/90 °/ 120°/T2M/T3M



Power Supply Eficiency


LED Luminous Eficiency


Power Factor (PF)


Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

≤ 15%

IP Rank

IP 66


Product Size


Product Details


1.Die-casting aluminum alloy shell

Thickened lamp body, high-temperature baking paint exterior, not easy to rust long service life


FSD-CL01 (1)
FSD-CL01 (2)


2.Good Heat Radiation Effect

The lamp shell equipped with many fins ensures the good heat dissipation effect and a long service life



3.High luminous efficiency

Adopt high brightness brand chip, good lighting effect, high luminous efficiency


FSD-CL01 (3)

 Application Scenarios

Large stadiums .Plaza .Bridge&Tunnel .Sports venue .Construction site



Patented design, integrated aluminum die-casting mould
High efficiency: 100lm/W- 150lm/W
Lens angle: 7"15/30/60"/90/120"/2M/T3M/T4M
Compatible with mainstream driver like MeanWell, Sosen, Moso, etcAttachable with more models.
Perfect surface finish: black, grey coating available.

 Customer Service

Our lighting experts are trained to provide you with exceptional assistance. We have been selling LED industrial and commercial lighting for over 10 years, so let us help you with your lighting problems. Our strengths extend far beyond the range of products such as indoor and outdoor leds. According to customer requirements, the company provides services including: application engineering consulting, LED lighting customization, installation guidance, etc.

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