Led gas station light FSD-GS01

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We provide high quality LED gas station light with excellent decorative effect, using special surface treatment technology, which is suitable for gas stations, railway stations, airports, etc.  Our LED gas station light fixtures provide a wide range of lighting intensifies and distribution patterns to illuminate the widest gas station streets for extremely high, colour-accurate visibility.

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• Reduce glare and avoid puncture;

• Highlight the overall space lighting;

• Improve the overall brightness of the gas station;

• Low energy consumption design, maximum energy saving

• High luminous efficiency

• Long service life, low maintenance rate

• High strength die cast aluminum material.


Item Specification/Data
Efficiency In >93%
Power Factor PF>0.90
Energy Efficiency Class E
Standard Deviation of Color Matching <5
Starting Time <0.2S
Warm-up Time to 60% <0.5S
Lumen Maintenance ate.o.l. >70%
Lifetime L70/B10@100,000hours


Gas stations, airports, supermarkets, train stations, lobbies, industries, shopping malls, indoor parking lots, parks, villas, indoor tennis courts.


 Customer Service

Our lighting experts are trained to provide you with exceptional assistance. We have been selling LED industrial and commercial lighting for over 10 years, so let us help you with your lighting problems. Our strengths extend far beyond the range of products such as indoor and outdoor leds. According to customer requirements, the company provides services including: application engineering consulting, LED lighting customization, installation guidance, etc.

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