20w Housing assembly stadium led flood light

Short Description:

Advantage details
1. Light weight: adopt patented design process and heat dissipation materials.

2. Multi application: The support adopts thread locking, which has high stability and is suitable for various complex and changeable applications.

3. Multi angle adjustable: reasonable design facilitates the adjustment of different azimuth angles

4. High protection: the protection grade can reach IP65

5. Professional heat dissipation structure and transparent air duct design greatly improve heat dissipation performance and prolong the life of the whole lamp

6. Large area die-casting aluminum shell, integrated whole lamp heat dissipation

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Technical specificatior

Technical Parameter:

Model JR-SH-20W
Lens material Japanese Emperor Man 1250Z
Light matching mode LED + lens secondary light
Optical species T3 ,T4, T5
Levels of protection IP65 working temperature -30℃—+45℃
Angle See Optical Application Page
Power 20W module 1module
TA ring temperature 30℃ TC point temperature 83℃
Light body color black
Drive the installation structure Minwei power supply
Radiator Die-cast aluminum ADC12

Manner of Packing

1. Package Size: 162 * 60 * 130MM (adapter) / 147 * 57 * 127MM (bracket)
2. Gross weight of each box: 4.15kg (excluding power weight)


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